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Imagine your students choosing books about ancient Rome, science and experiments, geography, world cultures and religions, history, geography as well as classic fiction, hobbies, sports, languages and MORE!

Usborne Books offers a great way to earn free books or cash for schools and other organizations while offering moms, dads and kids the very best in non-fiction and fiction children's books.   Our books go from preschool through high school with some books of interest to adults.  Prices begin at $3.95.

We are with you every step of the way for your Book Fair!
Your students will be stimulated by these excellent, informative, fun and educational children’s books.  No Shipping is charged on book fair orders.


Easy As 1-2-3
An Usborne Books Consultant will set up a display of our most popular titles. We like to have books available during the school day so that teachers may bring each class in for a classroom viewing.

We also ask that you schedule your Book Fair at the same time as another event that involves parents, such as ball games, science fairs and conferences. Orders will be taken with the help of parent volunteers.  

The orders will arrive at the school within 2 weeks and will be distributed by parent volunteers or the school office.

In some locations, cash & carry displays are available. 

We also have a wonderful read-a-thon fund raiser with 110% return.  Check it out here.


Merchandise Credit
With sales of $500 or more, you will receive 50% of the total sales in FREE books of your choice from our entire catalog.


If your sales are between $200 and $499.99, then you may choose 25% of the total sales from our catalog.  Our books are available in library binding, hardback or quality paperback.

Do Your Prefer Cash?

Total Sales Percent CASH Profit





$1500 -$2999


$330 -$659

$750 - $1499


$150 - $299



With a book fair minimum of $750, you could choose

the cash option in place of the free books based upon the table above.  Consider our Reach for the Stars read-a-thon for raising cash.


Download Book Fair Brochure

Download EZ Book Fair Brochure

(These pages are meant to be printed back to back)



If you would like more information on Usborne Books or you would like to schedule an appointment to book your fair, please contact us.


Connie Coralli

Educational Consultant & Executive Supervisor


(800) 260-3906  or   EMAIL     




Check out our Fund Raiser: Reach for the Stars!